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Laser technology has revolutionized the world of aesthetics and skin care. This innovative technology has evolved in such a way that many patients are able to see exceptional results without requiring invasive methods or lengthy downtime. Dr. Ryan Schuering is an experienced dermatologist who is excited to be at the forefront of these developments. At our facility, we offer safe and effective laser-based treatments for patients throughout Stuart and Tequesta, FL, who may struggle with acne scars, redness, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, unwanted hair, and more. To learn more about the laser treatments we offer, such as laser skin resurfacing and laser hair removal, contact Spyglass Dermatology to schedule a consultation.


Using advanced heating technology, lasers are able to penetrate the skin without using invasive techniques to target the areas of concern.

  • For treatments like hair removal, the device zaps the pigment within the hair follicle, causing it to shed the hair naturally and over time, not grow back.
  • For skin resurfacing, a Fraxel laser is maneuvered over the desired area and targets sun spots, scars, and wrinkles to encourage cell turnover and new, healthy tissue.

Laser Treatments FAQ

Is laser hair removal permanent?
Considered an effective treatment, laser hair removal produces long-lasting results. While you can enjoy the procedure's results for years, it's technically semi-permanent since some hair follicles may continue growing. Regardless, patients find most of their hair will be dormant once their treatment plan has concluded, and even if some hairs pop up, they are very easy to manage. More laser treatments can be scheduled to address new growth and any stragglers.

Why do I need multiple laser hair removal sessions?
Follicles grow in phases. When some follicles are growing, other follicles are resting. Since every follicle grows in a different stage, several sessions are typically recommended to target each hair follicle when it is growing. Scheduling your sessions over a few weeks to help you get better, smoother results.

How can I help my skin recover after a resurfacing treatment?
Dr. Ryan Schuering or a team member will offer advice on how you can help your skin heal after a resurfacing treatment. The most important rule is not to peel or pick your skin. Doing this could create lasting damage, including scars. You should forgo all hair removal methods in the treatment area, which means no shaving, waxing, or depilatory creams. We will recommend an ointment to help soothe and heal treated areas.


Spyglass Dermatology is thrilled to be a leader in skin health. We offer a number of solutions to enhance the health and beauty of your skin, all of which are safe and effective. If you're interested in laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, or any of our other advanced laser treatments, we invite you to reach out to our team in Stuart or Tequesta, FL today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ryan Schuering.

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