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Like BOTOX®, XEOMIN is a popular neurotoxin that has many uses, including the improvement of facial wrinkles. It does this by immobilizing the surrounding muscles that create wrinkles. However, unlike BOTOX, XEOMIN does not contain proteins. In fact, XEOMIN contains only the active ingredient botulinum toxin A. This purified form has its advantages. Over time, the body can begin to produce antibodies against the proteins in BOTOX. This can neutralize the neurotoxin, reducing its effectiveness and how long it lasts. This is not a concern with XEOMIN since it lacks this protein.

What are the benefits?

XEOMIN yields lots of benefits to Stuart and Tequesta, FL patients who are hoping to treat lines and creases from indiscrete regions. If your frustrations are disrupting life and desired appearance, XEOMIN should:

  • Minimize visible signs of aging
  • Hide wrinkles and areas of excess skin
  • Address signs of aging due to environmental triggers, like smoking or smile lines
  • Offer an accessible, trusted choice for a wide array of qualified individuals


What is Xeomin?

Also known as incobotulinumtoxin A, XEOMIN is a neurotoxin. Like BOTOX, it is derived from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum.

How Does Xeomin Work?

XEOMIN works by temporarily blocking the nerve signals to select muscle groups. By weakening these muscles, the wrinkles they form begin to soften. This provides the face with a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

How is Xeomin different from Botox?

XEOMIN and BOTOX work in the same ways to reduce wrinkles. Unit per unit, XEOMIN and BOTOX are equally as potent. The main difference between these two is that XEOMIN has been purified to remove the proteins contained in BOTOX. With repeated use, the body can develop antibodies to the proteins contained in BOTOX and neutralize the desired effects. This is not a concern with XEOMIN, as there is no protein for the body to target. This means the same desired effect as BOTOX without the risk of losing effectiveness.

If you have noticed that your BOTOX injections aren’t lasting as long as they used to, or that you’re needing more units for the desired effect, you may be developing neutralizing antibodies to the proteins in BOTOX. In this case, XEOMIN may be right for you.

What Can Xeomin Be Used For?

XEOMIN is FDA-approved for temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines (number 11 lines between the eyes). However, there are many wrinkle areas that can benefit from XEOMIN injections. It is also commonly used for the wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet).

In the hands of a skilled injector, XEOMIN treatments can:

  • Relax and soften vertical and horizontal forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines that make you look angry, anxious, fearful, or fatigued.
  • Diminish bunny lines, the lines created when you crinkle your nose.
  • Soften nasolabial folds that run from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth.
  • Improve facial symmetry.
  • Reduce the appearance of vertical neck bands that appear as we age.
  • Improve your smile! If you show too much of your gums when you smile, which usually results from excessive lip elevation, Botox injections will weaken the upper lip muscles and provide a more balanced smile.
  • Smooth chin dimpling.
  • Reduce the appearance of fine vertical lines around the lips.
  • Lift the corners of your mouth to relax your frown and improve your smile.

How Long Does Xeomin Last?

The effects of XEOMIN appear about 4 days after injection and peak around two weeks. The effects last about 3-4 months.

What are the Possible Side Effects?

Side effects are usually mild and temporary. In many cases, it is the injection itself, not the toxin, that causes side effects. Patients may experience swelling, redness, bruising, and soreness at the site of injection. The toxin may spread to neighboring muscle groups to cause temporary weakness. However, this is not permanent. A patient who has an active infection at the proposed injection sites or known hypersensitivity to botulinum toxin A is not recommended to receive these injections.

Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Schuering to find out if XEOMIN is right for you.


How much does XEOMIN cost?
Your cost for a XEOMIN treatment will vary based on the amount needed to address your unique concerns. During your consultation, you will talk about your aesthetic goals so your treatment plan can be created and then calculate an estimate of your cost. Spyglass Dermatology accepts several payment methods and sometimes has deals on XEOMIN and nonsurgical treatments.

Should I get XEOMIN or BOTOX?
BOTOX and XEOMIN are wrinkle relaxers made with a purified strain of botulinum toxin. The skilled injectors at Spyglass Dermatology know the differences between XEOMIN and other wrinkle relaxers, so they can determine which will deliver better results for each patient. In your consult, your injector will ask about your needs before deciding if XEOMIN or a different brand is right.

Should I get XEOMIN or fillers?
XEOMIN is a wrinkle relaxer that improves the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, particularly, like the frown and smile lines. A wrinkle filler improves static wrinkles and adds volume. Talk to your injector about your needs/concerns and wants so they can decide if you need XEOMIN, a filler, or both.

Smooth Out Wrinkles

As we age, we gain invaluable gifts such as wisdom and grace, but we also are introduced to some unwanted changes like facial lines and wrinkles. At Spyglass Dermatology, you can smooth out and diminish these dynamic signs of aging with XEOMIN injectable treatments. Book a personalized consultation today with Dr. Ryan Alan Schuering, our board-certified dermatologist, at our Stuart or Tequesta, FL offices, and have him craft your tailored XEOMIN treatment plan.

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